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Google Ads (PPC)
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Lead Generation

Looking for a Google Ads Agency for Your Business?

Want more traffic and to earn more for your business? We at ManagingSEO, generate business through Google Ads to help you find and connect with more customers. Check our 290% Revenue Jump Google Ads strategy by using the metrics below:

Keyword Research & Competitor Ads Analysis

Choosing the right keywords to bid on is the foundation of success.

Campaign Creation & Ad Copy Creation

We'll set up your Ads campaign, create ad copy and configure all settings.

Detailed Reporting & Team Meetings

Each month we'll provide you with a detailed report of what was done with Ads Manager and what the plan is for the coming month.

Google Ads Services We Offer

Find your business at the top Search Results and Multiply Your Conversions.

Keyword Research

Identify the most relevant search terms your target audience is using.

Target Audience Identification

We identify and define your target audience, ensuring that your ads reach the right people based on their interests, behaviors, and search activities.

Campaign Assets

Creating relevant ad assets can enhance our Google Ads performance by attracting more clicks.

Campaign Setup

Adjust your budget and define your target audience. Ensure Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 are properly set up.

Landing Page Improvement

Improving the layout and content of your landing page can lead to better user engagement and higher click-through rates.

Campaign Launch

Once everything is set up and optimized, launch your campaign, making your ads live and visible to your target audience.

Video Monitoring and Analysis

Video recording monitoring of user behavior using tools and regularly checking the performance metrics of ads. 

Regular Maintenance

Make necessary adjustments to improve ad performance. This could mean revising the ad copy or altering the budget.

Google Ads (PPC) steps

Why Choose ManagingSEO for Your PPC Campaigns?

We excel in optimizing your ads for the best return on investment.

Expand Your Reach

With our targeted campaigns, your brand gets noticed by the right audience.

See Measurable Results

By partnering with us, you can expect to see a clear increase in your sales and profits, experience a tangible uplift in revenue with our data-driven approach.

Clear & Engaging Ads

We create simple and clear ads to attract your ideal customers.

Control Your Budget

Set your spending limits and we'll optimize to get the most out of every dollar.

Our Google Ads (PPC) Monthly Report

Our reports include visuals, progress comparisons, and plain-speak summary notes so you always know exactly what’s going on with your Ads account.

A marketing agency expertised in Google Ads

Weekly meetings & detailed monthly reporting

eCommerce Google Ads strategies focused on online sales

Google Data Studio Report

Explore Our Sales Results for the Brands we've Run PPC

Our Client's Testimonial

At ManagingSEO, we take pride in our unbroken record of complete client satisfaction and lasting relationships.

“Working with ManagingSEO has been a game-changer. Their expertise in PPC is unparalleled. They went above and beyond, tweaking strategies until we saw a significant boost in our leads. Their commitment as a team has truly fueled my business growth.”

James Anderson

“ManagingSEO has been a powerhouse for our lead generation. Through their expert PPC campaigns, we've seen a surge in high-quality leads. The entire collaboration was smooth, precise, and professionally handled. Can't recommend them enough!”

Emma Williams

“Partnering with ManagingSEO has been transformative. While others focused on more impressions, ManagingSEO delivered tangible results via Google Ads and their strategies. They've been reliable, keeping their promises and driving leads we can truly count on. Highly recommended!”

Alex John

Ad campaign optimization & leads results for B2B & B2C companies

Discover the latest trends, insights, and strategies in Google Ads through our engaging and informative blog posts.
Blackjack 290% Revenue Jump with ManagingSEO Google Ads Strategy

Result Annual Revenue from Google ads 290% Result E-commerce Converstion rate Boost 150% Overview: Blackjack Stainless Steel Jewelry, with over a decade in the industry, has always focused on offering the finest quality men's stainless steel jewelry. To further elevate their online presence and drive sales, they turned to Google

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Most Frequently Asked Questions !

Ready for some answers? Let's dive into the most frequently asked questions.

PPC means "pay-per-click." It's like putting a sign on a busy street, but you only pay when someone looks at your sign. Every time someone clicks on your online ad, you pay a little money. We help make sure the right people see and click on your ad, so you get more customers.

Google Ads are like online signs for your business. When people search on Google, they can see your ad. If they click on it, they go to your website.

With Google Ads, you pay when someone clicks on your ad. How much you pay can change. It depends on how many other businesses want the same ad spot.

Google Ads help people see your business when they search for things. If someone searches for what you sell, your ad can show up. It's like having a store sign on a busy street.

Yes, you can! Both can help your business. Google Ads help people find you when they search. Social media helps you talk and share with customers. Using both can make your business even stronger.

Lead generation is when we help people learn about your business and want to buy from you. It's like when a fisherman puts bait on a hook to catch fish. We put out information to catch customers for you. It helps your business grow because more people know about you and want to buy what you sell.

We are special. We don't just put ads online. We make sure people see them and want to buy from you. Every time someone clicks on an ad, we try to make them your friend. We work hard to help your business grow bigger and better.

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