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Impact Wolves, an agency specializing in Amazon PPC Management provides expert services to enhance product visibility and sales for sellers on Amazon through targeted PPC campaigns. Despite their proficiency in PPC for clients, Impact Wolves was facing difficulties in increasing their own online visibility to attract new business.


The agency was grappling with low visibility in search engine results, leading to a subpar performance in attracting new leads. This was evident from their organic search statistics which indicated an average position of 57.1 in search results and a CTR of just 1% from 77 clicks over a three-month period. With only 7.74K impressions during the same timeframe, it was clear that the agency needed to improve its online footprint to reach its desired audience.

Before SEO


In response to these challenges, Impact Wolves partnered with ManagingSEO to refine their online strategy. The following steps were taken:

Website Audit:

A comprehensive evaluation of the website identified key areas for improvement to enhance search engine visibility.

Keyword Research:

Targeted research was performed to find keywords that aligned with what potential clients were searching for regarding Amazon PPC services.

Site Architecture Redesign:

Improvements were made to the website's structure to make it more user-friendly and accessible to search engine algorithms.

Content Enhancement:

Web content was updated to engage readers more effectively and to include relevant keywords identified during the research phase.

Optimized Product Descriptions:

Service descriptions were reworked to better showcase the agency's expertise in Amazon PPC management and to rank for relevant search queries.

Educational Content Creation:

The team developed valuable articles and resources to affirm Impact Wolves’ position as an authority in Amazon PPC.

After SEO Results:

3-Month Performance Metrics:

  • Click Increase: There was a remarkable 155.84% rise in clicks, with the total climbing to 197 clicks in the last three months.
  • Impression Growth: Impressions surged by 711.11%, resulting in a total of 62.8K impressions, demonstrating a much broader visibility in search engine results.
  • Search Position Advancement: The average position improved to 55.3, indicating that the website's content is moving higher in search rankings.
After SEO

These outcomes underscore the positive effect of a focused SEO approach in advancing an agency's digital presence and capturing the attention of potential clients in a competitive online space.

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