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CTR Growth Within 3 months



Decrease in CPC after 2 weeks



CPA MOMS® is a national franchise system offering a range of accounting and tax services to entrepreneurs across the United States. It features a network of experienced, vetted CPAs specializing in fields like real estate, e-commerce, franchising, and more. The objective: increase brand visibility, drive more consultations, and expand the client base.


CPA MOMS® had a strong business model but faced challenges in reaching its target audience. Traditional marketing fell short in terms of ROI. The competition was intense, given the many similar service providers in the market.

Google Ads Strategy

Keyword Research

Detailed keyword research revealed terms entrepreneurs commonly used when seeking accounting and tax services.

Ad Types

A mixture of Search, Display, and Retargeting Ads were employed.

Ad Copy

Ad copies were crafted with compelling CTAs. For example, “Get Expert Accounting Solutions Tailored For Your Business. Book Now!”

Landing Page

A bespoke landing page was designed, offering a free consultation and efficiently capturing lead information.


Ads were especially targeted to regions like New York, California, and Texas, known for their dense SMB populations.

Budget and Bidding

An initial budget was decided upon, leaning heavily on a cost-per-click (CPC) bidding strategy.


Click-Through-Rate (CTR): CTR experienced a boost of 172%.

Lead Generation: A 35% surge in free consultations was noted within the first month.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC): A decrease in CPC by 34% after just two weeks.

Quality of Leads: The garnered leads boasted a conversion rate of 40% into long-term clients.

Brand Awareness: Impressions of the brand jumped by 60%.


Lessons Learned

Ad Relevance: Periodic monitoring and feedback ensured ads maintained high relevance, leading to cost savings.

Budget Allocation: Retargeting ads yielded a superior ROI, prompting a budget reallocation favoring this ad type.

Future Plans

Based on the campaign's success, CPA MOMS® plans to increase its ad spend by 20% next quarter and explore other digital marketing channels for an even broader reach.


The Google Ads campaign for CPA MOMS® was a resounding success, achieving its primary objectives of enhancing visibility, securing valuable leads, and boosting brand recognition. Not only did the number of free consultations rise, but the leads procured also consistently converted into dedicated clients, further establishing CPA MOMS® as a leader in its domain.

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