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The objective was straightforward: generate a high volume of leads for a Point of Sale (POS) software brand. The project started in August 2022 with a lead-focused approach and underwent changes in tactics to maintain efficiency while reducing the cost per lead.

Initial Strategy: High-Value Leads

Setting Priorities: 

Initially, the cost was not a significant concern. The focus was on gathering detailed leads for immediate conversion.


We used Facebook’s ‘Lead Ads' where users could fill out a detailed form.

Outcome: These leads resulted in a high number of successful conversions.

Phase 2: Brand Awareness

New Objective: 

As the brand stabilized, we aimed to reduce the cost per lead.

Execution: Introduced ‘Brand Awareness' campaigns to familiarize potential customers with our brand.

Additional Channels: 

WhatsApp ads were also deployed.

Outcome: This led to a decreased cost per lead.

Customization and Segmentation

Understanding the Audience: Recognized that different industries have unique needs when it comes to POS systems.

Custom Software: 

Altered the software functionalities and user experience based on end-user requirements.

Targeted Ads: 

Different ads were customized for farmers, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

Outcome: Further reduction in cost per lead due to more accurate targeting.


High Traffic: 

Due to a sudden influx of users, we had to pause the campaigns intermittently.

Performance Dip: 

Pausing campaigns led to a temporary decline in ad performance.

Multifaceted Approach for Goal Achievement

Variety in Ad Goals: 

Tried campaigns with different objectives like ‘Messages' and ‘Traffic' alongside leads to diversify our approach.

Multiple Tests: 

Continued to experiment with different campaign types to meet changing needs.

Fine-Tuning Through Comprehensive Testing

Iterative Testing: 

In Facebook advertising, there's rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, rigorous testing was an integral part of our strategy.

Variables Tested:

Time of Day: 

Ads were tested at various hours to identify peak engagement times.


Different geographic locations were targeted to find the most receptive audiences.

Graphics and Offers: 

A variety of visual elements and promotional offers were used to gauge which combinations were most effective.

Controlled Environment: 

Each variable was isolated and tested in a controlled setting to ensure the data was reliable.


Ads that weren’t delivering as expected were paused, allowing for resources to be reallocated to better-performing campaigns.


Through this methodical testing, we identified which ads were most effective in generating leads while keeping costs low.

Screenshots of Ads & Results:

Visuals of Ads:

Result FB Ads

Result FB Ads case study


Stats Result


The project started focused on acquiring high-value leads, later transitioning to a more cost-efficient strategy that included brand awareness and audience segmentation. Challenges were faced and addressed, including high traffic and the need to pause campaigns. 

However, a multifaceted approach, combined with comprehensive testing on multiple variables, enabled us to adapt and meet the client's objectives efficiently continually. This iterative, data-driven methodology contributed significantly to the campaign’s overall success.

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