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Black Jack Jewelry is an online store selling unique jewelry pieces via Shopify. Despite an extensive collection, the store was facing difficulties in gaining substantial online visibility and attracting adequate website traffic.


In March 2023, the data showed a lackluster online performance, with only 38 clicks per day and 5338 impressions, suggesting low engagement levels and poor search result visibility. This low online presence was stifling the store's ability to reach potential customers and impeding sales growth.

Blackjack before SEO


Although the specific interventions aren't detailed, based on the impressive results, it's likely that Black Jack Jewelry implemented a series of robust strategies including:

SEO Enhancements

Improving their website's search engine optimization to increase its visibility on search results pages.

Content Optimization

Refining their content to be more engaging, relevant, and appealing, thereby encouraging higher click-through rates.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Implementing personalized marketing strategies to attract their target demographic more effectively.

Website User Experience (UX) Improvements

Streamlining the website's design and usability to provide a seamless experience for users, potentially reducing bounce rates and improving conversions.


The strategies employed had a significant impact on website traffic, as shown by the following metrics:

Increase in Clicks: Daily clicks saw a remarkable surge of 284%, rising from 38 clicks in March to 146 clicks in June.

Boost in Impressions: Impressions – a measure of how often the site appeared in search results – increased by 231%, going from 5338 to 17681 during the same period.


Blackjack after SEO

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