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The official website of house plant gardening lacked a properly designed user interface and was plagued by both on-page and off-page technical website issues. Similarly, the backlink profile was disappointing.

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We were required to do the brand development of a blogging website whose earning model was google AdSense, to boost the traffic on their website. In order to do that, firstly, we identified a niche for house plant gardening after a lot of research and also selected the keywords that could do along with it and ensured the rise in website traffic. Then we devised a strategy to publish over 100 SEO-optimized articles on the website in order to boost its Google rating. To do this, we had to first modify the website design to make it more appealing to visitors, followed by thorough keyword research for SEO-optimized articles. We chose keywords that were not associated with the majority of articles in order to increase the likelihood of our content appearing on the first page using those keywords. After that, we had to create guides for those articles, followed by actually writing the content for those articles. The articles were then uploaded to the official website. Following that, we performed on-page and technical Search Engine Optimization of the website


We completed the website development project of house plant gardening in eight months, and after around 15 months of consistent effort, the website traffic climbed to over 30,000 visitors per month.


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